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OSE-Germany produces Video

On October 30, 2012, in Uncategorized, by oseadmin

Dear Friends,

OSE-Germany has released a video. Please watch. You can use the YouTube English subtitles.

Please see here how you can spread the movie.

Thank you.


Two Open Source Campaigns

On May 23, 2012, in Hardware, Open Source, by oseadmin

Hello Everybody, this video and blog post is about 2 Open Source Hardware Campaigns.

There is the Solar Fire Open Source “Let’s do the solar revolution ourselves” campaign and the WikiSpeed “100mpg Open Source Comfy Commuter Car” campaign.

The Solar Fire Campaign is about:

  • Training a technician to go to Nepal and help complete the Open Power Nepal 32m^2 build.
  • Fully document the construction to make a user friendly guide in Open Source.
  • Develop an alternative Bamboo method, document and add to a guide.
  • Create a Solar Fire foundation to steward and spread the D.I.Y. solar concentrator construction methods.

By supporting this campaign you are helping spread and open source a cost-effective, high-power solar concentrator that can be built anywhere. This can help decrease energy poverty for millions of people and reinforce autonomy.

The WikiSpeed campaign is about:
Creating a 100mpg open source comfy commuter car. It’s about taking ultra-efficient modular prototypes to the mainstream. Helping the environment, reducing everyone’s cost at the gas pump, and revolutionising automotive manufacturing.
Your money will specifically fund;

  • Ten additional crash tests,
  • Fuel-efficiency testing,
  • Materials for prototyping and testing,
  • Expert reviews and fabrication, and
  • The additional tools required to make the future of automotive transportation happen right now.

WIKISPEED is a registered automotive manufacturer and able to deliver complete vehicles in the United States and kits globally.

By supporting this campaign you are REVOLUTIONISING AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING as it is knows in the world today!

And by supporting both these campaigns, you will be improving the life conditions for all of us on this planet:)

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